Custom made curtains

Custom made curtains

At Delicious Interiors, we believe that our clients are entitled to get the best curtains available to them. When you work with us, and follow our advice on measurements and fitting, we promise to help you create the best custom made curtains for your home or office, all at an affordable and competitive price. We supply only the highest quality curtains and we assure you that you will only get the best quality for your money.

Our staff have years of experience producing beautiful curtains for all types of clients. We also promise to help you design your curtain and, at the same time, help you choose from a wide selection of  fabric houses. So if you want to create something entirely unique, we can help you.

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Our services are among the best in the industry and we pride ourselves on being detail oriented. As for equipment, Delicious Interiors uses curtain manufacturers with the best industrial sewing machines in order to create a professional look and finish on all of our projects. All our custom made curtains and blinds undergo extensive quality checks before they are released to our clients, so there’s no need to worry about quality.

Our custom made curtains can dramatically enhance the appearance of any room. So if you want to design your own custom made curtains then Delicious Interiors can help you make your vision a reality.

Custom made curtains – options and styles

Pinch & pencil pleats | multi-tape | eyelet | wave | roman blinds | dummy curtains & dummy blinds 

Why should you buy custom made curtains?

A custom made curtain has several advantages over traditional curtains. For one thing, they are unique and special. In a lot of cases, they are designed for a particular type of window or room. Our designers have full control over the appearance of customised curtains, which means that everything is by design.

Delicious Interiors understands the importance of uniqueness and style, which is why we are here to help our customers understand what sort of curtains are most appropriate for their own particular room or window. Not only will we help you create your particular design, we will also help you choose the most suitable fabrics and colours for your design. We are committed to helping you create the best possible curtains for your budget, and we guarantee that not only will the final product be unique, it will also be beautiful.

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To put things simply, we’ll help you with everything, from the size, style and fabrics to be used for your custom made curtains. Of course, if you have something special in mind, Delicious Interiors will be more than pleased to accommodate your design or integrate it with existing styles and designs which will further help improve the appearance and beauty not only of your windows, but also of your home.

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We have several years worth of experience at creating custom decorative curtains, and we use our extensive expertise in order to create custom made curtains which match the needs of our clients. So don’t settle for anything less. Delicious Interiors has the expertise and resources to create curtains which match the needs of your home.

Made to measure curtains